Exposing The Misconceptions About Web Videos

Exposing The Misconceptions About Web Videos

Webcamera on laptop staring at youWeb videos are everywhere and they can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. However, some businesses and individuals are still not completely sold on the idea of incorporating some type of video into their online marketing efforts. Chances are if you are one of these individuals concerned or on the fence about incorporating a web video you might be under the influence of typical misconceptions that are out there about web videos. Let’s stop these common misconceptions!

Misconception #1 – The equipment is going to be too expensive

Maybe, 5 years ago you needed to spend a ton of money to get high quality video equipment to make a great video, but everything now is relatively affordable. Simple Pocket HD camcorders like the flip camcorder or the Kodak Zi8 go somewhere around the price range of $150. Which is definitely better than having to pay $300 to $500 for a camera like years ago. Everything from lighting to editing software to microphones are now in an affordable price range for many entrepreneurs, so don’t let prices of equipment be an issue and keep you from producing a video for the web. Otherwise, if you don’t want to dive in completely head first into video and buy some of this equipment, try reaching out to some friends and colleagues to see what type of equipment they have for video and ask if you can borrow it. It’s a great way to test the waters to see if web videos could be something you do long term.

Misconception #2 – I need to hire a production company

This is the biggest misunderstanding that I hate the most about web videos because they don’t need to be so fancy to the point of hiring a production company to produce the videos for you. In fact, some production companies don’t completely grasp what makes a web video great, which to me is the authenticity you get. Your videos don’t need to be flawless and overworked. Viewers want you to be yourself and not give off this perfect mentality because no one is.  Many video production companies want you to script out the videos and plan out actions such as hand gestures. So if you are completely sold on hiring a production company to help you with your web videos make sure they understand what makes web videos different than other offline videos.

Misconception #3 – I have to be on camera

Yes, believe it not, for those of you who are camera shy, you can actually have a web video posted online and not have to be on camera. You can produce how to videos or tutorials without having to show your face on camera because just your voice is needed for these types of videos. You can use software like Screenflow for Mac’s or Camtasia for PC’s to produce videos that only record your voice and capture video of your computer screen. I have found how to videos to be really effective for me and I love producing video tutorials for my clients. It just takes some of the stress away knowing you and your actions are not being recorded.

Misconception #4 – All of my videos need to be short

I will say that the shorter videos usually do better on the web just because we all have short attention spans. If you do want to produce a video longer than three to five minutes look at adding some transitions into the video or incorporate a few screenshots to help keep the viewer’s attention longer. Perhaps you are a bold and outgoing person so maybe you don’t need to add much to your videos like Gary Vaynerchuk. He has a big, out there type of personality for Wine Library TV, which is now Daily Grape, but because of his personality he can shoot a 25-minute video and keep his viewer’s attention without adding many edits. If you fit the build of this type of personality than this strategy that Gary uses might be the right fit for you. However, Gary also admits he turns off a lot potential viewers because of his bold video approach so look to experiment and see what style of video fits you and your comfort level.

Misconception #5 – I have to post my videos on YouTube

YouTube is where most of my videos are hosted, but it’s not the only option that is out there. Many people just flock to it and upload their videos on YouTube because it is the most popular video hosting and networking website. YouTube is great for getting views and that is pretty much it. It takes a lot of networking on YouTube to build up those views so I try to upload my videos elsewhere beyond just YouTube. A great video hosting website to check out is blip.tv. Here you can not only post your video, but they will automatically post your video to other hosting websites that you have accounts with saving you time, but there is an extra charge for this service to consider. Look to explore other video hosting websites that fit your video needs and goals.

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